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Waterford on South Hill
Dear Kris:

I am sending this letter to communicate our appreciation of the long standing business relationship between Waterford on South Hill and U.S. HealthWorks. The close proximity of our businesses helps us access your services quickly and efficiently. Certainly, this relates to the convenient neighborhood location of your clinic but it really goes much farther. Your hours of operation meet most of our needs, your systems are well organized, and communication/follow up is always prompt and pleasant. We receive excellent response when we seek consultation regarding circumstances associated with occupational injuries and/or drug screens. An unexpected but highly appreciated benefit of working with your company is the opportunity on many occasions to have frank discussions with the doctors in unusual situations. Finally, there seems to be good longevity in key positions such as your receptionist that facilitates easy and consistent communication. Thank you for outstanding customer service over many years.

Jeffrey P. Bair
Executive Director

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