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Back in November, I wrote a letter in regards to how the staff in your West Sacramento branch was amazing, and this was after only one visit. This may have been a bit hasty and maybe I should have waited till I was finished and recovered before I gave such praise.

AMAZING is an understatement for the West Sacramento staff.

It is now 4 months later and I am done with all my appointments and my back is back to normal. All I can say is......well I don't have the words to express how good I was treated and taken care of. Every time I was in there, they were always smiling and greeted me when I walked in. The atmosphere was like a family and made me feel welcome. I never thought I would say that I enjoyed going to my appointments, but the truth is, I miss going and seeing my Doctor! She took such good care of me, I really felt like she cared, she wanted me better. She is amazing! Thank you Dr. Accinelli, so much!

Thank you to the staff! From the front desk to the ladies taking my blood pressure and temperature, to my Physical Therapist and to my Chiropractor, thank you all!

And to the staff, I hope you're not sick of my face, you will all be seeing me again if I need a doctor because I am not going back to my other doctor. My experience was that good........EVERY TIME!

Thank you!

Todd Beatty
Associated Energy Systems

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