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Dreyer's Grand Ice Cream
At Dreyer's Grand Ice Cream, we believe that all safety incidents are preventable. Our goal is zero for all of them. Even with our high degree of leadership and commitment to prevention, we must be thoroughly prepared to manage employee injuries/illnesses. This is where U.S. Health Works (USHW) has made significant contributions to our performance, as well as to our "I Can Make A Difference Culture", by keeping employees healthy and productive.

Our lost work day rates are among the lowest in the frozen desert and ice cream industry today. The Fort Wayne Operations, which is the largest ice cream plant in the world, routinely works more than 1 million hours between lost time incidents. USHW contributes to results like this at several plants, by supporting our return-to-work program with timely information and close communication with management. We believe this "early intervention" serves both employees and patients well by providing an immediate and effective means for on-the-job rehabilitation.

USHW has also been a dedicated partner to reducing injuries and lost time through the identification of problem areas, support for hiring and placement of employees, optimum treatment utilization, appropriate diagnosis and closely adhered to treatment plans. At all locations served, we have seen our workers' compensation losses steadily decrease due, in part, to clinic efficiency and quality of service. This is a competitive advantage that contributes positively to our bottom line.

Above being an efficient health care provider, the most important benefit of our partnership is an assurance that employees are receiving high quality care. Not only is this evidenced through rapid claim closure rates, but also by the feedback received directly from our team members who place reliance on medical staff to recover quickly and completely. Customer satisfaction vastly improved at those clinics previously owned by competitors, once USHW assumed control.

Clinic staff proved themselves to be knowledgeable partners, dedicated to placement, prevention and productivity. Whether it's providing body basics training to a 3rd shift warehouse team, conducting on-site job analysis, designing a physical abilities test or wellness program, USHW offers a continuum of health services that compliment our safety effort and desire to achieve an injury free workplace.

Greg K. Molloy
Corporate Director - Risk, Environmental, Health & Safety
Dreyer's Grand Ice Cream

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