Why Employers Choose Us

U.S. HealthWorks, a subsidiary of Dignity Health, was founded in 1995 and is the leading national provider of occupational medicine and urgent care services. With more than 200 locations in 21 states, and more than 4,000 employees, including approximately 1,200 medical providers, U.S. HealthWorks serves more than 14,000 patients each day. U.S. HealthWorks Medical Group offers programs and services that can help prevent illnesses, maintain good health and provide early intervention and rehabilitation whenever injuries or health problems occur.
We have the expertise and experience to provide effective, dependable solutions to all work-related injuries and urgent healthcare. Our goal at U.S. HealthWorks is to foster a safe work environment while returning your injured or ill employees back to the workplace in an efficient and appropriate manner that results in reduced lost work time and medical expenses.
We are the trusted single-solution provider that employers, insurance companies, and patients trust to optimize quality of patient care, assist with complex occupational and urgent healthcare issues.
With the fully integrated spectrum of occupational medicine and urgent care (from wellness and injury prevention to early return-to-work programs), we tailor solutions that meet the specific needs of the employer, while attending to the health and safety of the patient.
Matching the right candidate for a position is critical to reducing work related injuries. Pre-employment screenings can save employers time and money, while increasing the odds that your hire can perform in a safe and productive manner. Post-offer exams ranging from basic to DOT physicals, drug screens, physical abilities testing, pulmonary function testing, hearing testing, to vision screenings can help prevent potential concerns and ultimately reduce medical costs and increase productivity.
We focus on providing quality occupational medical and urgent health care. We see patients at the request of the employer and patient and we are not distracted with the need to sell other administrative services that actually increase the overall cost of medical claims.
U.S. HealthWorks values each customer interaction
We regularly consult with employers on work restrictions and modified duty programs.
It is our priority to understand and serve our client's needs and expectations while providing a high level of quality care.
Our online Client Communication System (CCS) provides direct and immediate access to workers' compensation reports.
U.S. HealthWorks believes good communication between all parties is critical to good occupational health.
Our medical centers are organized around a system of communication through which our clients can easily access three distinct sources of expertise:
The Sales Consultant serves as the liaison to the employer to ensure needs are met with satisfaction.
The Center Manager is available to support administrative requests.
The Medical Director leads a team of medical professionals including licensed physical therapists, and ensures an appropriate treatment plan for employee's timely return-to-work status.
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