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Job Team Overview
U.S. HealthWorks Medical Group stands on the belief that we succeed because our people make the difference. We encourage individuals to seek out career paths and develop their growing talents and interests to meet the needs of the position they hope to fulfill. As a result, our employees find that they are continuously learning and gaining new skills.

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  • Business Operations: These professionals are involved in the daily operations of our business, including accounting, business planning, human resources, center management, and administrative positions.
  • Medical Providers: Board certified medical professionals such as MDs, OMDs, Specialists (Orthopedics, Surgeons...), NPs, PAs, X-ray Techs, and Physical & Occupational Therapists work together to heal the injured.
  • Technology: Informational Technologists, IT analysts, project managers, and programmers help build and maintain our databases, websites, network systems, and other applications.
  • Sales and Marketing: The sales, client services, and marketing professionals work towards managing and developing business opportunities.