U.S. HealthWorks joins the Concentra family

U.S. HealthWorks has joined Concentra, providing you and your employees with access to more than 530 best-in-class occupational health and urgent care locations nationwide.
Concentra Welcomes U.S. HealthWorks Customers
The transition of U.S. HealthWorks centers to Concentra centers will take place on a state-by-state basis. If you use U.S. HealthWorks centers outside of a transitioned state, you will see no changes until we notify you.
To help ensure a seamless transition, our teams are diligently working behind the scenes to implement measures designed to minimize any operational barriers and ensure there are no service interruptions. As part of this effort, we want to be sure you have all information you need as we go forward.
Your U.S. HealthWorks account information will transition to Concentra. For more details, please see our step-by-step instructions by visiting us at www.concentra.com/welcome.
Upon review, you will be introduced to Concentra and see a map of all Concentra centers located in your area. We encourage you to explore what’s new and allow us to walk you through some important processes, such as how to:
Authorize Services for Your Employees
Update Your Drug Testing Policy
Results and Reports
Drug Test and Breath Alcohol Test Results
Random Pool Drug Test Results
Past U.S. HealthWorks Results and Reports
Pay Your Bill
We think you will like what you see - and don’t worry - in addition to this comprehensive guide, our center colleagues are standing by to answer your questions and assist you every step of the way. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.