Instant Drug Testing / Breath Alcohol Testing

Benefits of instant drug testing:
Results within hours: for negative results
Increased worker productivity: reduces testing time allowing placement of employees into productive positions
Reduced employment costs: decrease absenteeism due to substance abuse
Shortened hiring cycle: eliminates 2-3 day delay in hiring prospective employees
Reduced drug testing program costs: lower "per test cost" because U.S. HealthWorks Medical Group has our own testing labs & Medical Review Officers.
Instant Drug Testing Services include:
Rapid results - within hours for negative results
All NON-NEGATIVE results are confirmed with laboratory testing within 2-3 working days
Proven laboratory accuracy
FDA approved
Specimen collection, drug test and medical review of positive laboratory results all included
Certified National MROs available
  1. Cocaine Metabolites
  2. Marijuana Metabolites
  3. Phencyclidine (PCP, "Angel Dust")
  4. Methamphetamines ("Speed")
  5. Opiates (Codeine, Morphine, Heroin)
10 PANEL TEST (5 Panel Test +)
  1. Barbiturates
  2. Benzodiazepines
  3. Methadone
  4. Oxycodone
  5. MDMA (Ecstasy)
Other Testing
Federally mandated (DOT) Testing
Breath Alcohol Testing (BAT)