You want to contain costs. We want to help you.

We understand that employee injuries and episodic care result in a loss of productivity. Why not decrease losses with a tailored solution of Occupational Medicine, Urgent Care, and wellness services provided right in your workplace? Employers of all sizes benefit from having onsite healthcare professionals, who build trust with both employees and employers, creating the foundation for a culture of health. Let U.S. HealthWorks Medical Group be your expert partner through an onsite clinic.
Bringing Health Care Value to the Workplace
Having your very own clinic that offers health services brings value to your workplace and your employees. A clinic staffed full-time by a customized team of dedicated health care professionals makes our occupational health services and urgent care readily available. An onsite clinic can limit costly trips to the Emergency Room, reduce time away from work, and provide your employees with peace of mind, knowing that their needs will be met.
The number of employers turning to our onsite health services is growing, as it is proven to improve productivity, reduce absentee rates and promote preventive health. Like staff at all USHW clinics, our onsite staff is trained to educate employees and provide a range of healthcare services.
By partnering with our clients to solve today’s problems, our onsite clinic models have improved the overall health of the workforce and helped address healthcare-related costs for employers.
Workplace Injuries
Injury triage, first aid, assessments, and treatment provided by a team of healthcare professionals customized for your setting
Full compliance with state and health code regulations
Physical Examinations
DOT physicals
Executive physicals
Pre-employment/post-offer physicals
Therapy Services
Ergonomic assessments and consultations
Jobsite and workstation assessments
Direct patient care services
Physical abilities testing
Return-to-work testing and conditioning
Preventive Services
Flu vaccinations
Health risk assessments and biometric screenings
Travel medicine and vaccinations
Personal Urgent Care